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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Food and Juice Box Confiscated at Airport Security Checkpoint

FlyerTalk members are outraged not so much because the baby food and juice box were taken away from their rightful owners, but rather that if they indeed tested positive for trace amounts of explosive materials, why was further testing not performed by the Transportation Security Administration personnel — or, at least, treat the items as if they were indeed dangerous?
This incident leaves some FlyerTalk members wondering just how safe airport security really is in the United States…
I am flying to Wyoming and New York/Newark this summer and if I get caught up in this TSA bs I am going to be so mad. I am also flying to Belgium next year and the lord knows it's only going to be more difficult to fly in the future. 
What do you all think about the TSA and the flight restrictions? Because I know it makes us feel safe but there has to be a line drawn because it is getting quite ridiculous.


  1. I guess its only a few little incidents to avoid a huge one..

  2. I just sign and turn a blind eye. Seriously, any amount of outrage isn't going to change the situation. Better to just close one eye and shrug it off rather than have it get to your head.

    Have fun in Wyoming and NY/Newark :)

  3. Good thing I have a private plane and don't have to deal with TSA!

  4. It's necessary i guess. Personaly, it makes me feel safe.

  5. Ugh, If i had a dollar for everytime something got confiscated at an airport...

  6. I don't know, I head all these stories about the TSA, but personally I've never had a problem flying.